Articles about front-end development, including code snippets, tips & tricks, and process.

Accessibility and phone number formatting

Accessible phone numbers on the web is a more complicated topic than you would think.  Screen readers are remarkably inconsistent in the way they handle phone numbers.  This is a huge issue from an accessibility point of view. Highlighting the problem A US phone number is normally written as “(703) 555-1212”. A screen reader will read this […]

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Accessibility testing: Screen reader edition

Accessibility testing on our websites is a large, large topic.  I am writing about testing with screen readers here, but please keep in mind that accessibility testing != screen reader testing alone.  There is a already great article from Viget about web accessibility testing in general – “How to do Web Accessibility QA“.  (Be sure […]

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When Git ignore doesn’t

Imagine this: You have a file in your Git repository that you need to modify. Perhaps it is a settings file for your CMS. The settings file works perfectly for your QA or production environment, but you need to modify it for your local environment to run off of a different port or to enable developer logging […]

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Solving my internal CSS framework debate

Just when I finished teaching my students about CSS frameworks, I come across an article telling me that “You Might Not Need a CSS Framework.” I am not telling my students yet.  Let’s just say that is too much too soon.  (I teach beginners.) That being said, I have been debating this myself for quite a […]

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4 ways teaching code made me a better developer

Late last year, the good folks at General Assembly hired me to teach one of their part-time Front-End Web Development courses.  I have been coding for years and, more recently, have given a few one-off guest lectures.  However, I was never completely in charge of the education of a group of people for any extended period of time… until […]

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