Fun with names

Category: Pregnancy

Since my pregnancy announcement, and especially since my “it’s a girl!” announcement, I have gotten a lot of name suggestions. This is despite the fact that I have already decided on the kiddo’s name.

Regardless, I decided it would be fun to compile all of these suggestions here for posterity (and future amusement):

  • Christine
  • Sherifa
  • Josephine
  • Nadine
  • Paula
  • Kimm
  • Tim
  • not Madison
  • not Candi (or any stripper name)
  • 9 stripper names strung together
  • Alberta
  • Alberta Jonisdottir
  • Albert, Ice Queen of the Rockies
  • Idina
  • Elizabeth
  • Mia
  • Jeffrey

Again, I have already decided what my daughter’s name will be. But keep the suggestions coming. This is fun.

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