Joni Halabi

Developer of web sites. Baker of cookies.

Welcome to my website! This site is a place to show off samples of my front-end code, my photos, and other random things. Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the art of digitizing dessert, so I cannot offer any baking samples here.

What’s happening now?

This has been a crazy, crazy year so far. I closed on my townhouse in February, which means two things: I am definitely in NoVa to stay and I have spent a good portion of this year doing new homeowner things. Trust me – that has been keeping me very, very busy.

In addition to that, I have spent quite a bit of time traveling – both for work and for fun! So far, I have been to New York City and Chicago to visit family, the Caribbean for vacation, Boston twice (because why not?), and San Francisco for work. What’s on tap for the rest of the year? Vacation in Montana and probably another work trip to San Francisco. Yay!

And in running news…

I just ran the Annapolis Ten Miler race. This was my first race in Annapolis, my first 10 mile race, my first race of 2014, and my first Striders race. A race of a lot of firsts! The course was absolutely beautiful. It started and finished at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and took us through downtown Annapolis and its nearby residential neighborhoods. I finished in a time that I am crazy happy about: 1:40:47. I already cannot wait to run this again next year… you should join me!

Last but not least… Doctor Who is back!

This makes me extraordinarily happy. That is all.