Joni Halabi

Joni Halabi

ux developer, cookie baker, long distance runner, amateur photographer, occasional knitter, music lover, perpetual reader

Developer of web sites. Baker of cookies.

This corner of the web houses my personal digital life – photos, reading list, and random news.  My resume is also here, but please check out my portfolio site for examples of my professional work.  I have not yet mastered the art of digitizing dessert, so unfortunately, there are no samples available for download at this time.

That Dev Girl is Live!

I have officially started freelancing as an independent web developer and just launched my new and improved portfolio site. I am working on a couple of sites now, but am always looking to meet potential new clients. Check out out and spread the word!

  That Dev Girl

Latest Post: Taking action when you have social anxiety

I attended the Women’s March on January 21, 2017. This march that was the largest inaugural protest in US history, with over 500,000 people in DC alone. I also have anxiety disorder and my anxiety is strongest when I am around large groups of people. My March experience I feel lots of things emotionally and […]